10 or More proudly supports The Travel Foundation charity

The Travel Foundation is an independent charity that works in partnership with leading tourism organisations to improve the impacts of tourism in destinations – bringing greater benefits for local communities, the environment and tourists.

The Travel Foundation believes that if tourism is done right, destinations won’t just survive, they’ll thrive. Their work creates secure livelihoods and better management of the environment through tourism, and to date, they have run projects in over 25 countries.

And here’s a taste of some of the charity’s incredible projects completed during 2018:

  • Kick-started a project across multiple destinations, which is demonstrating how hotels can reduce food waste by 20%.
  • Published ground-breaking research which will advance our understanding of how different types of tourism impact on destinations.
  • Created a new, tried and tested process for identifying the sustainability risks within a destination.
  • Worked with tourism ministries across the Caribbean to help them manage the impacts of tourism.
  • Worked in Saint Lucia to encourage hotels to serve the invasive Lionfish on their menus to tourists – keeping their numbers down will protect the reefs!
  • Developed a partnership project in Turkey to reduce the environmental impacts of boat trips and other coastal tourism on important habitats for turtles and other marine life.

We have loved learning about their Honey and Jam in Mexico project, where the charity set up a jam cooporative and a honey products business, which also concerves the Melipona bee.

For some Maya people living in rural areas of Mexico, tourism employment has largely been confined to lower paid jobs in hotels on the coast. These positions often require leaving the community and living in Cancun. As a result, the cultural cost of tourism has been, in some cases, a progressive loss of identity and place, the dying out of cultural traditions, and the breaking up of families. The result of putting in place the jam cooperative and honey product business is over £16k in annual jam sales, compared to just £300 at the start of the project, as well as 11 large hotels and one gift shop chain changing their purchasing policies. Isn’t that amazing?!

It’s so fantastic to hear of this wonderful community benefiting from The Travel Foundation’s work.

By arranging your group accommodation through us, you are helping to support The Travel Foundation and the incredibly important work they continue to do for local communities worldwide and the environment.

To find out more about the The Travel Foundation and to keep up to date on their projects, just head over to their Twitter, Blog and Facebook page.